At Pure Aviation Support Services we want to make servicing your aircraft straight forward to try to eliminate any surprises. We have a set price for the basic requirements of inspections as seen in the table below. We will charge you a fair price for any other items that are required to make your aircraft airworthy. Give us a call or email if you would like to discuss these further.

Pricing Structure per Aircraft Type50hr150hrAnnual
2 Seat Simple Single£385.00£980.00£2380.00
4 Seat Simple Single£402.50£997.50£2520.00
Complex Single£455.00£1260.00£3150.00
Twin Engine aircraft – Call us for competitive quotes

All prices are fixed labour rates only to satisfy the required inspection / service

Parts will be added as required for rectifications

All prices +VAT at 20%

All additional Defect Rectification and AD Compliance at agreed quotes based on £70/hr

We also offer the following services: (an example of some below)

ARC renewal £400.00

Radio Annual £100.00 plus – labour (36 month items add £36.00)

Compass Swing £100.00 plus – labour

Dynamic Prop Balancing £500.00 plus – labour