Pricing Structure

Pricing Structure 50hr 150hr Annual
2 seat Simple Single £302.50 £770.00 £1,870.00
4 seat Simple Single £316.25 £783.75 £1,980.00
Complex Single £357.50 £990.00 £2,475.00
Twin engine aircraft Call us for competitive quotes!

(all prices are fixed labour rates only to satisfy the required inspection/service – parts will be added as used)

NOTE – EASA Part-ML is now in force so we can no longer use LAMP or SDMP and all light aircraft need to be transitioned onto an AMP. These are also very different dependign on whether the aircraft is a school or private aeroplane. Annual servicing costs are unchanged as your aircraft still requires the same physical upkeep regardless of EASA’s meddling with the regulations. If you want more details on the best option for your aircraft give us a call.

Radio Annuals to MIP/LAMP/LAMS£150
(for 36 month items add £30)

ARC renewals can be arranged at £400 – single engine
(plus CAA fee with an additional £100 for the first time we carry this out due to the increased paperwork)

With our pricing structure, all additional rectification and AD compliance work will be costed for your approval before work commences. Ask us for quotes to compare with your current provider. We carry out all work on fixed prices. Labour rate £55/hr.

All prices plus VAT at the current rate.