How we work

Our technicians at Pure Aviation have experience maintaining a wide range of aircraft, and work to the exacting standards required for all CAA/EASA inspections. However, we never do anything without your approval!

We provide our customers with a transparent pricing structure, and before we begin any work on your aircraft we will provide you with a fixed price to carry out the basic Inspection. On completion of the Inspection we provide you with an itemized list, again with fixed prices for the work required as follows:

  1. The work required as essential to pass CAA/EASA inspection procedures, with detailed costs (this includes: Inspection Additional Items, Airworthiness Directives and defects deemed to be an airworthiness issue).
  2. The work considered as important, but not necessarily essential to pass inspection, with detailed costs.

3. The non-important work that could be done to improve or upgrade the aircraft, again with detailed costs.You then agree the option(s) you require before the work proceeds. We will never do any unexpected work and simply present you with the invoice!

Unexpected issues will always be notified to you for your decision prior to work commencing.

This way you know the real cost implications.

No more nasty surprises!